Taweez for Baby Boy

Taweez for Baby Boy


Nowadays, most of the wedded couples plan to have one baby boy whom they can provide better education. However, planning for two babies is the second choice. But nothing happens as people think to happen. However, Taweez for a baby boy can make your family planning as you want it should be.


On the other side, having a baby boy is a wish of numerous people. Unfortunately, they are blessed with baby girls, this thing also makes them disappointed. Generally, after having one or two girls, planning for a new baby with the hope of boy may be risky. But a Taweez for the baby boy can lower this risk.




Taweez can handle all the issues related to children such as:


1. Baby boy


2. Child/Children


3. Twins


4. Getting pregnancy


Reference from Quran: Taweez for Baby Boy


Stated under a book of Ibn Taymiyyah: (Fatawa Ibn Taymiyya) “It is permissible for an ill or troubled person, that certain verses from the Qur’an are written with pure ink, then it is washed and given to the ill to drink. Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) is reported to have mentioned a certain Dua that should be written and placed close to the woman who is experiencing hard labour at the time of giving birth”.


The glorious Quran contains these words that one who is ill and has believed in Allah (SWT), an individual should read the certain verses from Glorious Quran and blown on the sick person. It will recover that person soon. These verses can be written on paper to be hanged on body part. The ill person is considered as the one who suffers from any kind of trouble, be it pregnancy issue, health issue, black magic, evil eye, etc.


How to Make Taweez for Baby Boy:-


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1. Start to make this Taweez during the initial three months of pregnancy after the Fajar or Maghrib Prayer.


2. Take a white paper and write Taweez with the help of Saffron ink.


3. Fold the paper carefully only when the written has dried.

Taweez for Baby Boy

Procedure to Wear Taweez for Baby Boy:-


There are two methods to use this Taweez, you can opt for the respective one to get the result in your favor.


First Method: Use this Taweez during the first three months after getting pregnant.


After Fajar and Maghrib prayer, hold the Taweez in your hand and recite the fourth Kalma for 100 times as well as keep faith in Allah (SWT) and then wear it around your neck.

Second Method: The women who already having female children going to adopt this Taweez are required to tie this Taweez around the abdomen and read Surah asr before wearing this.


Precautions to Follow: Taweez for Baby Boy :-


1. Ladies who use this before getting pregnant should remove it during periods however once they got pregnancy are required to untie until they get baby in their hand.


2. The neck is easier to hold a Taweez as compared to the abdomen. So tie it carefully when it is knotted around the abdomen.


3. Keep it secure from getting wet or burnt.


4. Never disobey the Taweez.


Taweez for Baby Boy: Best Time to Follow for Positive Result:


The best time to make this Taweez is Fajar and Maghrib ki Namaz. One is required to recite the Allah (SWT) and follow each step. Definitely, when the time will come, you will be blessed with a baby boy.


Taweez will deliver the best result if you follow this sequence wise. In reality, this is one of the risky tasks that may deliver unpleasant result if you don’t follow step wise. So, if there is any doubt when you are going to adopt this, you should get an appointment with the experienced Molvi immediately.




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