Taweez to Remove the Black Magic

If anyone is undergoing through the appearance of evil spirits, dangerous faces and feeling scared or any other problem relevant to this, Taweez to Remove the Black Magic will be beneficial for them. A number of people think that evil spirits are just a superstition but in actual one believes when he experiences this by themselves.

If you are going through the situation when you feel someone’s appearance however you are alone then you must take a step to protect yourself with this Taweez.There may be a situation when people who jealous of you or sometimes your rivals take help of black magic to destroy you. If you really have some enemies whom you have doubt that they can do so. You must go ahead to save yourself as well as your family.

Taweez for black magic


Get to know in what kind of situations this Taweez can work for you :-

1. Protect you from the black magic effects.

2. Remove the black magic effects.

3. Relief from the evil eye or evil spirits.

4. Get rid of bad luck.

5. Give progress in life.

6. Spreads friendship.

Reference from Quran (2:102): Taweez to Remove the Black Magic :-

If anyone conjuring jinns, surely is sinning and stepping in against the Allah (SWT) and the Glorious Quran, But.

Stated under Glorious Quran 2: 102: Black Magic is a standout among the most horrible and tragic sufferings that one experiences in his life. But it is necessary to remember that voodoo, black magic, and possession only appear if Allah (SWT)’s will involves. “ But they could not harm anyone except by Allah’s Permission ”

Glorious Quran 51:56, you may ask Allah (SWT) why it is happening you. Questions related to life are endless and this is one question that makes your doubtful with the Allah (SWT). But in simple words answer is “ It is happening to bring you to Allah (SWT), And I did not create the Jinn and mankind except the worship me ”

This shows that black magic is available around the world. It works with permission of Allah (SWT) as well as cured with the permission of Allah (SWT). Taweez is sacred and permissible to wear in Islam to cure each and every issue. When you suffer from evil spirits, think positive, it may be Allah (SWT) taking a test of your faith if you clear this test you will definitely be near to the Allah (SWT). Glorious Quran, Islamic Dua, and Taweez are the only sources to get Allah (SWT) blessings and get away the evil spirits and bad luck.

How to Create- taweez to Remove the Black Magic :-

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1. Take a white paper to write this Taweez.

2. Use only Saffron and rose water made ink.

3. Let it dry completely and then fold the paper carefully.

4. Wrap it in either leather fitting or silver locket to save from getting wet.

Taweez to Remove the Black Magic

Procedure to Wear Taweez- to Remove the Black Magic :-

On the day of Jumma, make prayer to Allah (SWT) with positive thoughts to protect yourself. Knot this Taweez around your neck like a locket. May Allah (SWT) please and remove your all problems soon.

Precautions to Follow: Taweez to Remove the Black Magic :-

1. There is no specific time to wear and to remove this, you can wear this for the rest of your life. So it will be better to fit it in a locket to be used as a pendant.

2. Wearing locket must care this to knot properly.

3. Female should not wear this during the periods.

4. Don’t dare to disrespect this ever.

Taweez to Remove the Black Magic: Best Time to make and When Will Get Results :-

Make Taweez to Remove the Black Magic after Jumme ki Namaz and wear immediately reciting Allah (SWT). It starts to work immediately against the bad evils however within next 40 days you will get the bad evil effects destroyed completely. But you can wear this for the lifelong as it will protect all the time. Unknowingly, if there is a rise of some enemies against you, this will protect you from them also.

Black magic or bad evils things are not easy to handle. To create this Taweez, one is required to follow each step carefully. So, if you think you are unable to make it by yourself or your Taweez is not working, you can take help of Black Magic Specialist or Molvi.


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