Taweez for Business


Only profit is the aim of every businessman regardless the matter what is the size of your business. A small shopkeeper wants to see more customers and in the same way, a big businessman wants to earn more. Sometimes it depends on your hardworking or sometimes it may require a pitying eye of Allah (SWT) to make it successful. Getting a Taweez for business can bring success to your business without doing much hard work.


On the other hand, business is going to the peak of glory. All of a sudden a bad luck occurs and you have to face the loss. Don’t worry, a Taweez for Business can remove this bad luck and bring a boom in business again. So, whether you are fresher, looking to start your business or a struggler not getting the right guidance for the successful career, Taweez can make your wish fulfilled at least time.

Taweez for Business

Take a look what a Taweez for business can do for you:-


1. Freedom from entire money issues.


2. Brings luck to be successful in any field of life .




3. Attracts customers or clients to the respective business holder .


4. Business will be blessed with the prosperity and wealth .


5. Protects business from unfortunate energies .


6. Strengthens the mental ability.


7. Safes the business from black magic and psychic attacks.


Thus, the Taweez is considered to bring prosperity via its high spiritual and magical energies in all kind of business.


Taweez for Business: Reference from Quran/ hadith


Narrated under Glorious Quran 17:79, “And from [part of] the night, arise from sleep [7] for prayer as additional [worship] for you; it is expected that your Lord will raise you [7] to a praiseworthy station.”


Narrated under Glorious Quran 23:9, “[But] they who carefully maintain their prayers – those are the inheritors who will inherit Paradise. They will abide therein eternally.”


These references clearly show, prayer to Allah (SWT) gives you raise in your life. Those who maintain the prayer will get abide Allah (SWT) in them. On the other side, the Taweez that is worn for the specific reason such as Taweez for successful business will definitely bring peak of glory to you.


How to Make Taweez for Business:-


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1. Use Saffron made ink to write this Taweez


2. Write this Taweez only on white plain paper.


3. Plastic cover can be used to keep it safe from getting wet.

taweez for business

Procedure to Use Taweez for Business:-


Keep trust in Allah (SWT), when processing towards Taweez. To use this Taweez, recite the Surah Namal verse 62 for 12000 times. Place or stick this in official entrance gate.


In case it is to be followed by an individual, he can recite the Surah Namal verse 62 for 1000 times daily until it completes the 12000 times. He can knot it around the neck.


Precautions to Follow: Taweez for Business :-


1. If you place it in your office, make sure none can touch this until you get the situation in your favor completely.


2. Hanging it on your body part will make you follow the hygiene.


3. Respect it as it contains the pious value of Allah (SWT).


Taweez for Business: Best Time to do so and When You Will Get Positive Result:


The best time to proceed towards this task is Thursday. When you are alone, make this Taweez with the concentration and faith in Allah (SWT). Recite the name of Allah (SWT) and hang in the shop or office. May Allah (SWT) give you progress in next 40 days.


Lose in business makes a big effect on the economic condition. One has to adopt a number of techniques to boom somehow and Taweez for Business is one of the best ways for this. Nevertheless, after following this if you are not satisfied, you must take help of Molvi. Everything is possible if you follow the right way and Molvi can guide you for the right path.




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