Taweez for Enemy


When you get progress in your life, earning of enemies will be there for sure. Nowadays, no one bears the success of others even some people thinks the successful person is the reason for their failure. Taweez for Enemy will work to remove your enemies. It’s not about only destroying your enemies, with the help of Taweez one can win the enemies heart and change the bitterness into the sweetness of deep friendship.


Even if you have someone who took the help of Black Magic to be at your place, you must know, this Taweez is best for making their efforts useless. When you feel your enemies are teasing you, backbiting or trying to harm you, this Taweez will protect you from their attacks.

Taweez for enemy



Following are the benefits that you will get on wearing the Taweez for Enemies :-


1. Win over the rivals


2. Create love in the heart of enemies


3. Protection from the enemies


4. Make you more successful as compared to the rivals


Reference from Islam that why anyone Should Wear Taweez for Enemy :-


Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 1460: al-Daaraqutni, 3/114, al-Haakim, 4/360, al – Bayhaqi, 8/136, I won’t cite Fatwa of Mullahs yet decree from Prophet Mohammad (Be Peace Upon Him) “The hadd (taken as punishment) for the expert of enchantment is a blow with the sword


Al-Khattab, Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated that Taweez are the things that is used to wear with the belief that they could avert disaster.


No doubt, Allah (SWT) is all of above and the major cause why people are able to stay among the enemies who are against to the right person. With the help of Taweez, an individual brings the Dua of Allah (SWT) to defeat the enemies.


How to Make Taweez for Enemy :-


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1. Start this process on Saturday.


2. Write this Taweez on the yellow cloth it can be cotton or silk stuff.


3. Use ink made of Saffron and rose oil.


4. Fold it carefully and wrap with the plastic cover so that it can be saved to get wet.

Taweez For Enemy

Procedure to Use Taweez for Enemy :-


After making this Taweez, read Darood Ibrahimi for 11 times, Surah Nasr for 1001 times and then again recite Darood Ibrahimi for 11 times. tie it around the neck or right arm top. May Allah (SWT) defeat your enemies and provide you success.


Precautions to Follow :-


1. Do not follow this method harm others, Allah (SWT) is there to provide justice. It is advised to use this only to protect yourself.


2. If the wearer is a female, she should untie this during her periods.


3. Follow each step carefully.


4. Protect this Taweez to get wet.


5. Respect this as it contains the power to defeat your enemies.


Best Time to create this Taweez and When Will Get Results :-


Saturday is the best time to make Taweez for Enemy. Follow each step and get positive results for the rest of your life. Because everyone knows enemy can’t be destroyed forever. One is defeated unknowingly you will earn a next enemy. So, it is better to use it as a pendant around the neck however result will come out in 7 days. Female can renew this after every menstrual circle while the male can update it after every 90 days.


It is the best remedy for the people who have numerous of enemies. So make it properly to safeguard your-self instead of taking a risk. If you are not sure, that it has been made properly by yourself, you can take assistance from experienced Molvi.




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