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Kala Jadu for love


Are you in love with someone and you wish to get that person in your life but the other person is unable to understand your feelings and emotions and he or she is avoiding you. Then Kala Jadu for love is the perfect option for you that will help you in creating love and affections in the heart of that person. With this method you can make him to fall in love with you. The peoples who have lost their girlfriend or boyfriend following any kind of dispute or issue they can also use this method to get their lost love back to them very soon. This method can also be used in case your partner is annoyed with you and not talking to you. This method will remove all the negative thoughts from his mind he has for you. The people who are feeling that love and boding is vanished from their married life they can also use this method to fill their married life with affections and love.

What is Kala Jadu for Love marriage?


Kala Jadu for love marriage is one of the methods that can remove all the hurdles and obstacles that are standing in the way to your love marriage. Love marriage is a foreigner concept but now a day it is becoming quite popular among our new generation. In our culture only arranged marriages are in practice and people prefer to marry their child within their own caste or community. So if the people who wish to make love marriage belongs to different castes then it becomes very hard to get permission of their parents for love marriage. Kala Jadu for love marriage is the best method that can help those people in getting consent of their parents for love marriage. Love marriages are not openly accepted in our culture so people don’t allow their child for love marriage and the people who are in love neither can leave each other and nor can go against the wishes of their parents. They find themselves struck in awkward situations so this method can help such people to get out from such situations very smoothly by using this method.

|| How Kala Jadu for love works? ||


Kala Jadu is one of the branches of magic that is practiced to attract and control natural energies and supernatural powers and then they are designated for a particular task. In Kala Jadu a person practices a very special technique to transfer bunch of energies on the desired person. Then that person comes under your control and then he will start working according to you. The person will do whatever you will ask him to do and you can ask him to do anything he will not say no to you. With the help of this method you can command his mind, feelings and emotions and then you can turn them according to your wishes and desires. You can fill his heart with love for yourself and can remove all the negative stuff from the mind of that person he has for you.

|| What is the method to do Kala Jadu for love? ||


Materials required for Kala Jadu for love:


(A) One small earthen Pot.


(B) Soil from graveyard.


(C) Some firewood.


(D) Seven Black Peppers.


(E) Two white Candles.


(F) Black thread.


(G) One piece of Jaggery.


(H) One paper and red Pen.


(I) Black cloth.

|| Method to do Kala Jadu for love:||

(A) First of all write your name and your boyfriend’s name on the paper.


(B) Make seven folds of the paper.


(C) Now tie the paper and Jaggery with Black thread.


(D) Then put them in the earthen Pot.


(E) Fill the half Pot with Soil taken from graveyard.


(F) Now light two white Candles on both sides of the Pot.


(G) Then take seven Black Peppers in your right hand.


(H) Recite the given mantra for 121 times.

|| Mantra ||

“Laqad Ya Aukum Rasoolam Min Anfusikum A’Zeezun A’Layhi Maa A Nittum H’Arees’Un”

“A’Laykum Bilmoomineena Ra-Oofur Raheem”


(A) Now blow on the Black Peppers.


(B) Put the Black peppers in the Pot.


(D) Now fill the Pot with soil of graveyard.


(F) Make seven rounds of Pot and see face of your lover in your mind.

|| Important things to be followed while doing this method: ||


(A) Don’t reveal anything about the method to any person.


(B) Do this method on Saturday after Sunset.


(C) Never use this method with wrong intentions.


(D) You cannot repeat this method on the same person.

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