What Is Taweeez and Its History

The one-word definition of Taweez is “Dua”. Taweez contains a paper written particular Dua or prayer from Quran that protects the user from evil or uninvited problems. In common language, it can be called a locket containing verses from Quran and blessing of Allah (SWT). It is believed that the Taweez has a great power to heal the sick mankind as well as helps one to achieve the life goals. Mostly the people belong to Muslim religion used to hang the Taweez around the neck.


Well, several people have the curiosity about Taweez origins, its history and how it works.

Under Sura al-Mu’ nubybm Ruh al-Mani, Chapter 15, verse 97,

According to the Surah Bani Israeel Verse 82

Allah (SWT) most saying words in Glorious Quran are :

Glorious Quran is sent down so that it can heal the believers. If the Duas from Quran are recited and blown on sick people, they will get recovery soon from the disease suffering from.

Under Fatawa Ibn Taymiyya, 19/65

Sayyiduna Ali stated that Dua should be written and placed on the body considering Taweez. They have experienced it and assumed it the most amazing experience.

In an ancient time, most of the people were not able to read and remember the prayer of god that’s why the prayer from Quran was written on the paper offered by the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) with the belief, may Allah (SWT) bless and grant peace. It has become permissible in the Islamic religion. The prayer in the Taweez may be written in the Urdu language or it may also include some symbols.

How Taweez Helps People

Let’s take an example to know how one gets the shower of blessings with Taweez. In order to get rid of negativity, it is required to spread the positivity. In the same way, to remove off the evil power need to take a shelter of Allah (SWT) blessings that are present in the Taweez. People who are habitual to wear this, feel more protected and it is proved by a number of users. However, the people who remember the Quran verses use it in verbal form to get the positive result.


Benefits of Taweez

Human beings are prone to fall sick under the influence of evil power. Allah (SWT) has commanded them to seek for heal using a lawful means. The use of Taweez as well as the other methods offered by Allah ( SWT ), are the purpose of repelling the evil effects. These bad effects may include magic, spells, paranormal beings, jins, bad eyes, bad luck, etc.

On the other side, it is not only about removing the evil it is the great source to get what you desire. Once you get the Taweez, you will get the hand of Allah (SWT) above your head to achieve anything. Whatever your purpose of adopting the Taweez, all your wishes will come true. It is believed that it is the great healer for the diseases of hearts.

Love & Marriage Issues:

1. Love proposals

2. Get back your love

3. Winning beloved

4. Love marriage

5. Inter-caste marriage

6. Marriage with your crush

7. Age difference issues in love marriage

8. Live-in-relationship problems

9. Bitterness in the relationship of husband and wife

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Children Problem:

1. Not getting child

2. Keep child in parents influence

3. Keep love among siblings

Successful Life:

1. First rank in study

2. Getting successful job

3. Promotion in job

4. Positive impact on your boss

5. Earn more than a particular job

6. Victory from enemies

7. Increment in your salary

Health Problems:

1. Illness from any disease

2. Nightmare

3. Remove evil power

4. Tension or stress

5. Unknown fears

6. Bad habits

7. Body pain

8. Piles

Finance Problems

1. Getting loan

2. Release the borrowed money

3. Property loan

4. Insurance problems

Exceptional problems

1. Visa for any country

2. Friendship with the enemy

3. Relieve from prison

4. Journey to the desired destination

5. Getting safe from any legal case

6. Rule over the people’s heart

7. Relieve in any court case

8. Become rich

And much more that has occurred just because of competitive lifestyle.

Is the Taweez Harmful ??

There is nothing negative about wearing Taweez. It is worn just to get the desired goals not to hurt others. Undoubtedly, it is best to heal all issues using verses from Quran and Allah (SWT) recommended it as a source to reach the success, prevent from wrong beliefs and spread faith in mankind.


Taweez For Various Issues of Life


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