What is Wajifa ??


Wajifa is an Arabic word that means to summon and in Islam it is referred to recite specific specific verses and prayers present in the holy book Quran or given by the Prophets and priests. These prayers and verses have mystical powers. When these verses are recited with proper method then voice and vibrations attract supernatural powers and those are directed to do different types of purposes. Everyone use to face up and downs in life but some problems of life give deep pains and grieves.


To remove the problems of life the method of reading Wajifa is taught in the Islam. This method is practiced from the ancient times at present also it is gaining interests among the people all over the world. All types of problems of life can resolved by reading Wajifa. There are different types of Wajifa available for different purposes. But every Wajifa has its own unique method and if you want to get desired results then you must follow the method step by step and there is no chance of any mistake. There are special experts also who are perfect in this field and they can read Wajifa for others also.


Different types of Wajifa available :-


1. For love.


2. To get lost love back.


3. For love marriage.


4. To get married.


5. To stop divorce.


6. For childbirth.


7. For success in business.


8. To get job.


9. To handle enemy.


10. To get good marks in exam.


11. To remove black magic.


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What are the rules to read Wajifa ??


1. The purpose of reading Wajifa must be according to the Shariat.


2. You must do Wuzu before starting any Wajifa.


3. Your cloths and body should be neat and clean while practicing Wajifa.


4. Use only perfumes those are alcohol free.


5. The Salah of five times is must if you want to get results from Wajifa.


6. The pronunciation of verses and prayers should be correct.


7. Shaving hair is prohibited during the period of reading Wajifa.


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8. Do no do any Haram work.


9. Never leave the Wajifa in between in any circumstances.


10. If the method of the wajifa is for several days then keep the time and place same everyday.


Is Wajifa permissible in Islam ??


Our Prophets have always encouraged us for reading the verses and prayers in Holy Quran if the reciting for those verses and prayers can be read the wajifa is also permissible. In Wajifa same verses and prayers are recite so there is nothing wrong in reading Wajifa. But the purpose behind reading the Wajifa must be good. Wajifa and Dua cannot be read to harm others and to put curses on others. Anyone can read Wajifa but by following the proper and accurate method and you have to follow all the rules strictly for reading the wajifa.




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