Kala Jadu in Urdu


Begum Noorani Bano Fatimah is a scholar in Urdu language and has done research on Holy Islam for several years. Islam guides the humanity the best ways of living the peace and harmony is the basic teachings of Islam. It provides the best ways to live life without problems and troubles. Our Prophets and priests have mentioned that how a person should lead a life as being the devotee of Allah and also taught the ways how to remember him in the prayers and how to praise Allah and his creation. They have ever told the people that all the human beings are the children of Allah so everybody should live like brothers and sisters. It spreads the message of humanity in diversity that whether the people have differences in their cultures and ways of living, but all are the creation of his holiness supreme power the Allah.


What is Kala Jadu in Urdu


Urdu language is derived from the Arabic and our Ancient Kala Jadu experts have provided all the methods and the mantras and verses which are used to perform Kala Jadu in Urdu language so these original texts and phrases are found in the Urdu language but now they are translated to many other languages also. Noorani Begum Fatimah is well versed in this language and uses only the original and genuine methods and mantras to practice Kala Jadu.


Metrial Required :-


1. Vashikaran.


2. Jinnat and spirits.


3. Wazifa.


4. Toney Totke.


5. Tantra Mantra.


6. Spell casting.


7. Taweez and Naqash.


7. Amal Tashkeer and Kala Jadu For Love.


Method to practice Kala Jadu


Kala Jadu is a power and it is used for different purposes, mainly we use it to remove all kinds of problems and issues which we face in our daily lives. As the any power can be used in positive as well as in the negative ways so some people use it to harm others or to put curses on others. All the methods of Kala Jadu are based on particular Mantras.
These Mantras are used to attract natural powers and supernatural powers and their assistance is taken to get our desire and wish to be fulfilled.Begum Noorani Bano Fatimah is perfect in practicing all the methods that is kala Jadu Urdu and Kala Jadu in Hindi and has deep knowledge of using them. She has helped many people by giving them resolutions for their different types of problems which they were facing in their lives.


Some of the most used tools for Kala Jadu


Taweez: Taweez are the Amulet used in the forms of Pendants, Bracelets and others. Special texts and versions are written on the paper with specially made inks and some are carved on the sheets of metals. These tools are very useful and effective. They are either worn on the body or placed at home or at the work place.


Naqsh: These are the particular drawings of squares in which specific alphabets and numbers are written which are already energized with natural energies and supernatural powers. The person wears them or place them at home or work place and starts his day by just seeing on it. These keeps the person protected from evil things and bad luck.


By using this Kala Jadu In Urdu method you can control any person.


By using this Kala Jadu In Urdu method you can control any person.


You will need given material for this method:


1. Some soil taken from the graveyard.


2. Any used cloth of the person.


3. One bottle of wine.


4. One lemon.


5. Puppet made of clay.


6. One earthen pot.


7. One handful of salt.


8. One white candle.


9. Seven cloves.



How to practice Kala Jadu on someone:


1. Put the used cloth of the person in the earthen pot.


2. Now put some soil taken from the graveyard in the pot.


3. Then put seven cloves in the pot.


4. Make a circle with the help of salt.


5. Place the lemon in the circle.


6. Then light the white candle near the pot.


7. Now take other piece of lemon in your right hand.


8. Chant the given spells for 131 times.





1. Blow on the lemon.


2. Now put the lemon in the earthen pot.


3. Burry the pot in the graveyard.


4. Very soon that person will be under your control.


Precautions for casting these spells:


1. Caste these spells only on Friday.


2. Do not wear black clothes while casting these spells.


3. Never caste these spells twice on the same person.


4. Ladies cannot use these spells during their Menses..


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